The Label

Woodcabin aims to create clothes to explore the forests, to climb trees and to dance at the fire in. Clothes for forest dwellers, plant witches, herb gatherers, feral fairies and urban elves – but also fantastical garments for magical beings and creatures straight out of another world.

Drawing inspiration from ancient mythology, traditional craftsmanship and fantastic worlds, our goal is to create timeless, versatile and comfortable garments that seem to come out of a modern fairytale. Costume design is our second big passion, bringing life to a world and establishing characters through their clothing.

We’re trying to use mostly natural and eco-friendly materials in our creations. Many of our fabrics however are rescued leftovers from other companies or people’s attics, so not all of them fit that criteria. In this case we’re supporting the view that wasting materials leaves a bigger mark on the environment than using as much as possible, minimalizing waste by turning it into clothes that will last a lifetime.