The Process

Woodcabin highly values the traditional crafts. This is why patterns are still constructed by hand and every piece is crafted by the designer herself. We are continuously trying to expand our knowledge and learn new (old) techniques; felting is one of those that is now found regularly in our work. Currently we are experimenting with fabric manipulation, embroidery and thermoplastics.

The material selection is done with great care as well, our preference being natural and eco-friendly ones. Of course this is not always possible, as many of the fabrics we already have in stock were rescued from disposal by other companies or saved from an uneventful life on someone’s attic. If we can’t find a perfet fit for you in my storage, we have a selection of other suppliers to choose from. Furthermore our fabric scraps are largely kept to become unique details or even a completely new patchwork material – all while minimalizing our waste.