Autumn Queen

Who turns the leaves red, I wonder. She comes from the trees, welcoming the last harvest and where she dances the forest is set on fire with an explosion of colour. She, who gifts us with an abundance of food so we may survive the winter. She, who gives us the last days of warmth and sunshine so we may say goodbye.

This dress shows all the colours of the autumn, from reds to yellows to vivid golds, in layers perfect for twirling. The side panels feature flowing lenghts of fabric as well, while the front and back reference the shape of leaves. It is completely made from leftover materials from other projects, as to reduce waste and consume less – all according to the nature spirit theme.
The shawl is a super versatile garment, accentuating the wearer’s movements and giving them a dreamy character. It’s warmer than it looks when being wrapped around tightly but flows beautifully in the wind when worn loosely. It too has been made from leftover fabric, however from another company this time.

Photos: Jan
Model: Jasmin Wolkenstadt of Faery Soul
Makeup: Kim Sophie