Urban Elfwear

Clothes for forest dwellers, plant witches, herb gatherers, feral fairies and urban elves

Spring Sale!

to celebrate the arrival of spring, a few items are marked down in my shop

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From the Applefarm

two new series of pictures of the Anne dress

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Baba Yaga's Daughter

a dark photo series by Samantha Evans

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Producing each garment by hand, each is filled with all our love. Our clothes are produced individually and thus uphold a certain quality standard. We create favourite pieces you can wear forever.


We are keeping our environment in mind and are contantly striving to reduce our waste or repurpose it. Our fabrics are mostly of natural origin or rescued from being discarded.


We want to be able to make all your wishes come true. Your clothes will be fitted specifically to your body and personality and you will be included in every step of the production process.


The longest way our garments are travelling is the journey to you!
All the materials used in our work are sourced locally and the production is fully completed in the area.