founded with an intersectional approach to the topic

You deserve to know exactly what you’re wearing and what kind of values you are supporting with your money. Follow me as I explain my processes, plans and promises in detail, so you can be sure you’re putting a socially, as well as environmentally sustainable product on your body!


For Woodcabin sustainability starts with the design process and extends to packaging as well as the pieces’ lives in your hands. It includes not only the environment, but also all the people taking part in making each and every piece along every step of the way. Combined with the concept of upcycling, Woodcabin is not only trying to have as little of a negative impact as possible, but to leave a positive mark by keeping materials out of the waste stream. 

Woodcabin is also hosting workshops on the topic of upcycling. Visiting different organisations, I’m making the topic of sustainability and zero waste more accessible and tangible for others, especially the younger generations. To travel to the different locations, I’m walking wherever possible or use public transportation if necessary.

I've broken all the info down into a few categories!

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