Frequently Asked Questions

Here you can find the answers to the most relevant questions.
If you have a question that isn‘t answered here, don‘t hesitate to contact us.

General Information

Where can I buy your things?

In our etsy shop we are offering some unique pieces, ready to be send to a loving new home. And of course you can always contact us about any other item. Soon a (kind of) catalogue will be implemented where you’ll be able to browse our entire product range.
If you only need a piece for one special occasion, you can rent some of our pieces on Wishrent.

Are the garments in your pictures available for purchase?

Yes! Although none of the exact pieces shown are for sale, everything can be replicated. Your individual measurements and special requests will be taken into account for this and you will end up with an entirely unique piece.
Commissioned items are an exception to this rule.

What is the difference between commissioned items and other projects?

Generally our pieces are entirely based on our own designs and ideas. Of course you can add your own individual touch by suggesting alterations or requesting a custom version.
Commissioned items however are directly coordiated with the customer, creating a completely new design. These pieces are unique and will not be replicated unless previously agreed otherwise.

Are all of your products custom-made?

Most of them!
Pre-produced items will occasionally be offered in our etsy-shop, but our focus is on the creation of bespoke garments.
In order to create a perfectly fitting garment, we will request the specific measurements needed for pattern constuction, sending you a sheet to use as orientation. If there is the possibility of us taking the measurements in person, we will preferably do this.
Replications of already existing designs will be adjusted to your individual measurements as well.

Are all of your products one-of-a-kind?

Even though I am offering to replicate my own designs, there will always be small changes, either in material choice or detailing. Furthermore each piece is created by hand, so slight variations are impossible to evade.
Requesting a custom design will result in a truly unique garment that will not be replicated or altered for another customer.

I’d love to support you without having to buy new clothes! Is there a way to do that?

First of all: Thank you so much, it means the world!
You can either purchase some smaller items like postcards and jewellery on etsy, or you can tip us a little via ko-fi or directly through paypal.

Working with us

I would like to photograph one of your garments/I would like you to make something for a project of mine. Is this possible?

Yes, absolutely!
Just fill in the contact form or send us a message via facebook.  TFP only on a selective basis, in other cases we will surely agree on a reasonable price. You are responsible for any damage to the items.
A few of my items are also available for rent on Wishrent

What is the sizing of your products like?

Since we are based in Germany, we are working with European sizes. Because most of our pieces made to measure, standard sizing is seldomly used. Instead the clothes are tailored to your measurements and body shape.
The items in our etsy shop and on wishrent are either one-size or include detailed descriptions regarding size and fit.

What are your working hours?

The amount of time it takes to finish a project depends on its scale. An approximate time frame will be individually calculated beforehand. However delays should be expected nonetheless.
If there is a specific deadline you’d like us to meet, please communicate this in advance to see if it’s possible.

What kind of delays?

Projects for companies will be processed before our own independent projects and private commissions. In case of illness, the process will be delayed as well as when our business is closed for vacation. You will however be informed as soon as possible about anything coming up. We are not responsible for any delays resulting from a lack of communication on your side.
For up-to-date information on this matter please follow us on facebook and instagram.

Can I sew or make someone else sew one of your designs?

No. Not in a varied version either.
We are putting a lot of effort, love and especially time into our designs. For that reason we want to be the only one to use them in any form.
Copyright violations will be prosecuted.

Can you sew someone else’s design that I like?

No. Just as we don’t want others to use our designs, we refuse to do the same with other people’s work. If you are thinking of such a request please respect the copyright and consider commissioning the original artist.
Of course it is possible to use said design as an inspiration to create a unique design.

Can I buy the patterns for your garments?

No. Our designs are exclusively produced by Woodcabin. But we’d love to help you construct your own pattern for a reasonable fee, which can vary depending on the scale of the project. Just send us a message!

Can I buy materials from you?

No. Since we are not producing materials ourselves, we can’t offer them for sale.


Do you offer different price ranges?

Yes! We are offering three different tiers.

Custom: the upper price class is a completely custom made piece with a design uniquely created for you. Your measurements and material requests are taken into account. Please contact us if you are interested in a custom piece.

Established: a mid-price item includes an estabished design, which will be fitted to your measurements and reproduced in the materials shown in the original design. For an additional fee, it is possible to use custom materials. You can find these established designs in our lookbook. If an item rouses your interest, please contact us.

Pre-made: the most affordable price class, as the items are already made with my own design ideas and material choices. For an additional fee you can request special materials. These items are mostly one-size and can be found on etsy.

Where do I find the prices?

There will soon be a catalogue for our established designs, including the base price for each item. Customizations are possible for an additional fee.
There is a prototype for said catalogue already, featuring the Earth Warrior collection. If that’s what you are looking for, please follow this link.
If you’d like to commission a custom made piece, the price is calculated indivicually.
In any case, please fill in the contact form or write us a message via facebook if you are interested.

Which payment methods are you accepting?

At the moment we can only accept payments made via paypal or bank transfer.

How do you calculate your prices?

The final price made up of the material costs, my wage and eventual additional fees. Furthermore a small design fee is collected for custom commissions.
It is possible that the same piece of clothing varies in price if the materials do so, as these costs are directly involved in the calculation.

Are you accepting discounts?/Can I haggle?

No. As visible in the calculation above, we are already charging a minimum of money. Since we want to uphold a certain quality standard, we are not willing to reduce production costs by using cheap materials.
If you don’t have that much money but do want one of our pieces, we can arrange a deferred payment.

When do I have to pay?

Before starting to work, we will charge the material costs and in case of a commission the design fee. After completing the garment, we’re receiving the remaining sum before sending out the products. If possible, the items will be delivered or picked up in person and the payment will be done in cash or transferred beforehand.

Why do I have to pay something in advance?

If you cancelled the project unexpectedly, we’d be stuck with a lot of material costs and a half-finished product. The time consumed could have been used in a more productive manner. Thank you for understanding.

After Purchase

First of all: Thank you for buying a Woodcabin piece! May it accompany you on many awesome adventures!

What do I do if my garment doesn’t fit properly?

If a custom-made item does not fit, please contact us immediately. Unfortunately we can’t respond to notifications arriving much later.
Small changes are made for free as well as correcting bigger mistakes we made in the construction process. If the problem is rooted in measurement errors from your side, we can assume no liability and have to take new costs into account. This scenario however is highly unlikely as you will be fitted with a prototype for your garment beforehand so there will be no surprises with the final piece.
Returning a custom-made garment is not possible. If you bought an item from our etsy, an exchange is possible. 
We do not accept returns and can’t give refunds.

What do I do if I don’t like my garment?

Because of the garment being custom made a return is not possible. However, the case of you not liking the item is highly unlikely as we will decide together which materials to use and during production you will be kept up to date with photos. In the unlikely case of you not liking the item after all, I’m sure we will find a solution that will satisfy both parties.
If you bought an item from our etsy, an exchange is possible. 

How do I care for my bought textile?

Care instructions are delivered with every garment. Mostly it is: not more than 40°C with the program for delicate fabrics, do not put into the dryer.

What do I do if I damage my item somehow?

Small repairs are included in the price you originally paid for your garment. For bigger rips or other damage which is hard to mend, a small fee will be collected. If the root lies in a manufacturing error, all repair costs will of course be covered by Woodcabin.

Can I send you pictures of me wearing your clothes?

Yes, please do! We love seeing photos of people feeling comfortable in our clothes. Just drop us a message on facebook or write an e-mail to