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This is a space for you to show your wonderful selves in my creations! And for you to see what working with me can result in.

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Folk Band Waldkauz; Niklas (3rd from left//front) in his custom hooded jacket
photos by Samantha Evans

photos by Faery.Soul

photos of Gwen Romanus & bride by Julien Wiemer

This is one of if not THE most amazing piece of clothing I have ever owned. […] Wearing it makes me feel like the earthen, relaxed, cozy, woodsy, whimsical hobbit that I am, and I cannot speak highly enough of this and all of Woodcabin’s products. So beyond worth the cost.

Liv about her poncho
(via etsy)

photos by Liv

Sarah is an amazing fashion designer who creates elvin urban fashion, the casual faery, so to speak. […] And the sweater is so cozy and warm ♡

Faery.Soul about her custom Macke Jumper

photos by Faery.Soul

photo by Gwen Romanus

photo by Nadine

photo by Lou Peregrine

Speaking of magical clothing… this amazing poncho from Woodcabin has me swooning! Ultra soft body, breathable hood. I literally fell asleep in it last night it’s so cozy! It’s also frigging gorgeous! This color combo was custom and it suits me perfectly.

Kait Moon Arts

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