Rán: exploring turmoil

exhibited at INTAC 2017 in Osaka, Japan

Illustrating the struggle of breaking free from nets of fate, this series of photographs is inspired by the parallels between the voyage through life and sea. Rán, the Norse goddess of the sea, is said to claim doomed sailors and treasures belonging to the ships which lost their way in rough weather. The mythological background transfers to the turmoil that is related to finding safe passage in life and not getting swallowed by higher forces.

This project was developed in an international collaboration of design students and creatives and exhibited at the Osaka University of Arts.

Project Lead & Photography: Ina Martmann, Finland

Creative Co-Lead & Costume: Woodcabin, Germany

Model: La Kritzi, Germany

Makeup & Hair: Christiane Hughes, Germany

Editing: David De La Rosa, Mexico

Assistance: Jan Kersten, Anna Riemen, Manuel Mauly König